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Update by user May 19, 2015

I just called their customer service line. After being on hold for 53 minutes, I got through and the guy basically told me that he'd email me a sticker to ship the board back, and give me a full refund, including shipping costs.

He also said that I could re-order the product, call customer support with the new order number and they'd call the store to make sure it's the right thing. I asked if I could call the store it's coming from personally to make sure it's the right product and he said it's against policy. I tried explaining to him my frustration and let him know that I'm going to wind up with the exact same thing again. But he assured me that won't happen.

So we'll see. I'll post a video for further evidence and will once again update this when and if I get the right item.

Original review posted by user May 19, 2015

After checking the two locations within 25 miles of my house only to find out they both were out of stock, I finally ordered the limited edition Santa Cruz Star Wars Chewbacca longboard off their Amazon site. I waited until payday to purchase it and by the time I went to buy it, the price had dropped $90, so I immediately locked my order down and sat in front of my door like Scott Pilgrim to receive my item.

A few days later (Today), I came home to find a beat-up cardboard box duct-taped to another crappy box to make it longer, laying on my porch in plain sight (Of a highly-trafficked neighborhood). I picked it up, expecting it to weigh a few pounds, but was surprised to find out it was extremely light-weight and clinking around inside. I cut open the box only to discover a shrink-wrapped skateboard deck. No wheels, no trucks and no receipt or stuffing inside to protect it.

So not only was it not a longboard with wheels as the pictures and description on the site would have you believe, but it was a completely wrong graphic. I have emailed GoHastings, but judging by what I've seen here, on their Facebook and on Amazon, I won't be getting any feedback from them through email. I will post a follow up after I get a response from them. My advice, if you're ever wanting to buy anything from their site or through their Amazon account, do not.

Never deal with them outside of one of their stores.

Customer support is nonexistent and their pullers pay no attention to orders and shipping. I will never be buying from them again.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with price and stated that there is a room for improvement of receiving the wrong item. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "wrong item" of star wars chewbacca longboard and associated monetary loss in the amount of $99. Go Hastings needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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